Boots For Ballers

We first heard about Tumelo* on the Nazareth House Johannesburg’s Facebook page. Nazareth House is a non-profit making charitable organisation, which has served the communities in Gauteng for over 100 years. The National and Provincial Social Welfare departments, the Children’s Court and the South African Police refer abandoned babies and children to Nazareth House. They strive to provide the children with as normal a life as possible. They attend the local nursery and primary schools, have fun playing in the gardens, riding bikes, going on outings.

Every child at some stage longs to find their roots, who they really are and who they belong to. The Nazareth house does all they can to help them find the answers. They believe that children of all abilities should grow up in a nurturing home environment. Their priority is always, wherever possible, to stabilise and reunite these children with their families, through Family Reunification, or to place them in loving foster care.

Tumelo’s* dream is to one day be a soccer player. He has been selected to play for his school and he is over the moon about his achievement. The young soccer star however needed soccer boots and the sisters of Nazareth were trying to find assistance to help this young man’s dreams come true. When we met Tumelo* to hand over his soccer boots, soccer ball and soccer kit, his eyes lit up and we knew we had created change for this youngster and look forward to following his story with the sisters of Nazareth.