Proudly held by Fournews who was established in 1995 and who opened the very first News Cafe in Hatfield 2 decades ago. Fournews has become the standard by which others are measured and this is evident in the News Cafe brand.


News Cafe offers and facilitates a premium entertainment experience for its aspirational customer base by efficiently serving world class food offerings and premier beverage choices in an atmosphere that is contemporary, vibrant and relevant. Over the past two decades, News Cafe has grown from a single store in Hatfield, established in 1995, to a multi-national house-hold name.

Our Concept

By combining the service and product attributes of a coffee bar, cocktail bar, restaurant and entertainment venue, News Cafe is a trendsetting and benchmarking brand within the industry. The brand has become synonymous with innovative thinking and application within the food, beverage and social market place.


From our store design and decor to our staff and management attitudes, we represent a culture of pioneering and progressive creativity in all we say and do. Our music is vibey, our cocktails are prepared with flair and vibrancy, our waitrons are vibrant and our food serves the modern and sophisticated characteristics of our customers.


Is to deliver at all times and under any circumstances, the greatest of services, with the best suited people and most efficient operations. By working with our tagline in mind, we are able to achieve and sustain the intrinsic integrity of our brand promise that exceeds the expectations of our customers, our people and our shareholders.

Our Secret

It is not by chances that News Cafe continues to grow from strength to strength and has a phenomenally loyal customer base. The real secret to success is the ability to deliver an energy and vibe that keeps our customers coming back for more. We believe that by unleashing people and their passion in our brand, in an inspiring way, while staying focused on what we promise, this will make us an unstoppable force in the market place.


Our in-store designs have long been seen by the industry as the benchmark. Our marketing, advertising and promotions that drive feet into store, with high levels of consistency in service, product and brand, as well as the passion and dedication of the News Cafe team, have ensured that the News Cafe brand retains the position of the leading entertainment venue in South Africa.


The first cross border store opened back in 2003, when Botswana became the first African country outside of South Africa, to experience the News Cafe vibe. The brand has since enjoyed exponential success, aggressively growing our footprint into the African continent.


News Cafe’s unique offering to the emerging higher LSM consumer in Africa, who are part of the global village of trendsetters, satisfies the appetite for premium food and beverage experiences, in comparison to the American and European offerings to which this customer has been exposed.


Being a proudly South African company ourselves, out products are not only well tailored to this market, but our world class offering is also a unique and premium concept that is well known and trusted by our consumers. This makes our model the perfect fit for our partners, which are business enterprises committed to growing the economy within their respective countries.


We pride ourselves in forming long lasting relationships with all of our franchisees and suppliers. These relationships are crucial because we rely on our partners to uphold and maintain our brand values and the standards of being a luxury brand. This is the key to our success and continuous growth as a brand.


We will continue to expand our News Cafe brand within the continent, as well as contribute towards the creation of employment and the growth of the African economy.