Travel mug? Yes, please!

When the days turn short and chilly, a travel mug becomes a necessity!

Have you ever wondered why we call those unflattering pictures of celebrities “mugshots”?

Well, it all comes down to the shape of our heads. The word “mug” used to signify “Face” (and it still sometimes does). But what’s even more important is that it also used to mean “a small picture of someone’s head”.

If you haven’t noticed, our heads are shaped like vessels. So it’s only reasonable to create drinkware inspired by them.

Whether you’re a celeb, a coffee addict in need of the best Travel Mug or the fast-paced person on the go, we have just what you need!

With our News Cafe Kooshty Kup, your hot beverages will stay warmer to longer. Designed out of glass, this splash safe cup with silicone lid ensures no mess. It’s equipped with a silicone grip band that provides a firm grip and is ideal for use at home, office or on the go.

Available in 3 exciting colours!