Five surprising facts about tequila

News Cafe is launching a full collection of signature cocktails, including the tequila-drizzled Calypso — an exotic fusion of sweet citrus and aromatic hibiscus tea, with a smokey edge. Often only associated with parties, there’s more to tequila than meets the eye. See five surprising facts about tequila below:

1. Tequila must be produced in specific regions of Mexico

Just like champagne needs to be made in Champagne, France in order to be considered champagne, tequila also needs to be made in Tequila, Mexico in order to be considered authentic tequila. Any “tequila” made outside of Mexico is simply an “agave spirit”.

2. There is a car that runs on tequila

In 1964, Chrysler developed a turbine engine that would run on anything flammable, including tequila. However, the cars were prohibitively expensive (about $400,000 in today’s dollars). Comedian and car enthusiast, Jay Leno owns one of the three in existence.

3. Tequila can be turned into diamonds

A group of Mexican physicists found out that the chemical composition of tequila lies in the diamond growth region, and they have actually produced diamonds using it. However, they are too small to use for jewellery.

4. Tequila should be sipped, not taken as a shot

In Mexico, tequila is considered a sophisticated spirit that is sipped slowly and savoured, much like a fine wine. Asking for salt and a lime is considered a trademark of a cheap tequila because those are used to mask the flavour.

5. Tequila was discovered by accident

Legend has it that the Aztecs accidentally discovered tequila when they saw lightning strike an agave plant. The plant was oozing a sweet liquid and they noticed that when left long enough, the liquid fermented into what we now call tequila.

Even with all these interesting facts, you won’t need any excuses to indulge in our new Calypso cocktail, which is stirred up with Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado tequila and smokey whisky. It’s a flavourful, smokey and floral after-work party starter. Grab your crew and stir up your night with a glass of Calypso at any News Cafe nationwide.

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