Glam with a local twist? Learn more about Inverroche Amber Gin

Glam begins with a glass of Glamber. This tart and aromatic beauty is just as good for the ‘gram as it is for your palate. Made for the “extra” at heart, Glamber’s main ingredient is a proudly South African gin.

Local craft gin makers, Inverroche, bring us a handcrafted blend of alluring flavours that combine the fresh floral botanicals of Africa with spices and berries from India and Europe. Made in Still Bay, nicknamed the Bay of the Sleeping Beauty, Inverroche Amber gin is rich and aromatic.

Want to know what makes this amber-coloured drink so different? Read on to find out:

  • Inverroche gin is double distilled in small batches of 250 bottles
  • Earthy base notes are balanced with fresh citrus and juniper notes, followed by a delicate floral finish
  • Well-balanced and full-bodied, it’s smooth on the palate with a dry, warm finish
  • It can be enjoyed neat, on ice or with tonic and a curl of orange zest
  • It’s beautifully packaged, making it ideal for gifting

With exceptional spirits like this, it’s no wonder gin is experiencing a revival. You can taste this local treasure in a dazzling Glamber cocktail, now available exclusively at a News Cafe near you. Click here to see our full cocktail menu.