Hip since the 20s. The intriguing history of the hip flask…

The hip flask is a stylish accessory that works overtime.

The hip flask we know today originated in the 18th century but before that, people would hollow out the insides of certain fruits and fill them with liquor. Later, women would fill pigs’ bladders with a spirit and hide them under their petticoats to smuggle them onto British warships.

Show us what are you’re made of

As flasks started becoming popular, they were mostly made from silver and glass. Glass was inconvenient because of its weight and fragility and silver was expensive. For those who couldn’t afford a genuine silver flask or found glass cumbersome, pewter was the next best thing. Unfortunately, pewter flasks would often leak lead, poisoning the drinker. Today, flasks are generally made from stainless steel as it’s both strong and affordable.

A toast to the rebels…

In the 1920s, the Prohibition in the USA meant that, along with alcohol, hip flasks and cocktail shakers were also illegal. For the rebels who still found a way to drink, hip flasks were edgy and defiant.

The typical hip flasks used to have a slight curve so they can easily be hidden in a person’s pocket, under a belt or a waistband or even inside a pair of socks or boots. They also had a ”captive top” that prevented the cap from getting lost.

The gift that keeps on pouring

Today, flasks look quite sophisticated and can be customised by engraving them with initials, a coat of arms, important dates etc and as such, they make a thoughtful gift.

Keep your drinks and your memories

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