How does Colour Affect Our Taste Perception?

The perfect start and end to any great evening is the Dahlia. This cocktail mysteriously blends delicate cucumber and lime notes with a hint of chocolate. Served in an Oriental-inspired glass, this lime-coloured drink is delicately sweet.

The Dahlia seduces you even before you’ve taken your first sip. That’s because colour affects the way we perceive taste.

DD Williamson, a leading supplier of natural colourings for the food and beverage industry, performed an informal taste test. They gave students carbonated drinks in three different colours (clear, brown and pink) and asked them to describe how each tasted. They were not told that all three drinks had the same flavour but when asked, they responded that the drinks had different tastes! For this reason, food manufacturers intentionally use enticing colours to attract consumers.

The Dahlia also consists of attractive colours. The drink itself is lime, an eye-catching colour associated with a fresh taste. But once you drink it, its hint of chocolate is a pleasant surprise. Even the colour of the Dahlia’s glass is alluring, boasting blue and white Oriental-inspired patterns.

For a taste experience that appeals to both your sense of sight and taste, indulge in the Dahlia at any of our News Cafe outlets nationwide. Your senses will thank you…