#NewsForChange was inspired to bring about change within the communities we live in, by enriching the lives of individuals who need help.

We believe that giving is not just about making a donation, its about making a difference. That small acts of kindness can change the world and that together we have the power to change people’s lives.

This year Madiba would have turned 100 years and to celebrate this we are pledging to do 100 good deeds! Join us as we pledge to be the change that’s needed.

  • If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this addition to the News Cafe signature cocktail menu. Go Fluff Yourself is an indulgent and fruity drink served in a unique tiki glass.

  • Pairing popcorn and champagne seems like an eccentric idea, to say the least. The pair seems to be at two totally opposite ends of the spectrum. But before you balk at the thought, consider that this is actually a very popular pairing.

  • News Cafe has a brand-new signature cocktail menu. This collective of flavourful beverages is called “News Cafe - The World of Cocktails”. From tantalisingly tropical drinks like “Weather The Storm” and “Go Fluff Yourself”

  • Glam begins with a glass of Glamber. This tart and aromatic beauty is just as good for the ‘gram as it is for your palate. Made for the “extra” at heart, Glamber’s main ingredient is a proudly South African gin.

  • The perfect start and end to any great evening is the Dahlia. This cocktail mysteriously blends delicate cucumber and lime notes with a hint of chocolate. Served in an Oriental-inspired glass, this lime-coloured drink is delicately sweet.

  • The hip flask is a stylish accessory that works overtime. The hip flask we know today originated in the 18th century but before that, people would hollow out the insides of certain fruits and fill them with liquor.

  • News Cafe is launching a full collection of signature cocktails, including the tequila-drizzled Calypso — an exotic fusion of sweet citrus and aromatic hibiscus tea, with a smokey edge.

  • We're taking things slowly by opening select restaurants while we all learn to navigate these uncertain times.

  • We're taking things slowly by opening select restaurants while we all learn to navigate these uncertain times.

  • Join us as we celebrate Women's Month by trying to create awareness to break stereotypes, empower and stand together, as one.