Popcorn and Moet Chandon – a match made in heaven?

Pairing popcorn and champagne seems like an eccentric idea, to say the least. The pair seems to be at two totally opposite ends of the spectrum. But before you balk at the thought, consider that this is actually a very popular pairing.

Popcorn is a tried and tested snack choice because it pairs well with virtually anything. Wine and popcorn pairings are already quite popular so why not upgrade your drink with some bubbles?

They complement each other because champagne’s toasty and sometimes yeasty flavour suits the fat and salt of a perfectly popped bowl of popcorn. Not to mention all that texture: the crunchiness of popcorn loves the fizziness of bubbles. Next time you have a movie marathon or simply want an interesting snack, we recommend pairing your favourite popcorn with a glass of Moët & Chandon.

This October, we are celebrating World Champagne Day with Moët & Chandon and News Cafe. We’ve partnered up to bring you five sparkling events across our Gauteng stores. Keep your eyes open for updates and come enjoy the vibe.